Shipping & Returns



National and international shipments

We ship our products worldwide, calculate the shipping amount on the payment gateway or by registering, they will be calculated automatically. In most covered locations you can select between two shipping methods, the standard and the express.

Shipping locations not included

We see most shipping locations, however, we can not take into account the shipping rates of all countries in the world. If your shipping area is not covered by our store, contact us to give you the specific amount for your address.

Shipping methods

International shipping

For international shipments we work with Seur, Zeleris and Starpack depending on the area of the destination location.

Shipping time

International shipping

For international shipments we also have a few exceptions of two shipping methods that go from 3 to 15 days depending on the country of destination and address.

Track shipping

If you want us to send you the tracking code of your order, let us know and we will send it to your e-mail.


If your item is damaged or if you have a problem, contact us immediately to resolve it as soon as possible.

Any other question or problem, do not hesitate to contact us through our mail or through our contact form, we will attend you as quickly as possible, thanks.