Antimatter Quark


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Antimatter Quark

Hello folks, Kuerva grX and Andriup6 here to introduce you the only Antimatter Quark frame.
After spending all 2018 trying new prototypes, we have arrived to what we think is the ultimate freestyle quad. Here is the result.

We had 4 main ideas that the frame had to satisfy, center of mass centered in the 3 axis, true-X geometry, anti-vibration integrated solution and a clean fpv full-size cam vision.

For the center of gravity to be centered on the three axes, it was necessary to use 25mm spacers, so the center of gravity is in line with the propellers.

The chassis is the smallest on the market with top mounted battery and pure X geometry, 230mm, which improves the behavior by reducing the moment of inertia of the whole.

For the anti-vibration system, we use rubber separators and to optimize the space for the electronics, the spacers pass through the arms, leaving the space maximized. We also have the option to put the arms under the main plate to facilitate the change of the arms at the expense of moving the center of gravity a little higher.

Being a true-x frame, getting a clean vision was not easy, after optimizing the position of the camera and the opening of the chassis we achieved an optimal position for the vision and protection of the camera, key points in a Freestyle kwad.

The stickers are laminated vinyl and are precut. We have three designs to choose from, Boho, Donuts and Space helium, giving the sexy touch to your quad.
It includes a tray for the video transmitter and for the receiver, leaving a clean assembly. The upper part is reversible and it has been designed both to mount transmitters with sma directly on the PCB and transmitters with pigtail, for example the Tramp or the Unify. It also includes a spoiler to support the XT60.

Finally, everything in the Quark is thought out in detail, we have gone through several versions, tested in reality throughout this year, modifying it until we thought it is perfect. We hope you like it and enjoy it just like us!


  • True-X 230mm
  • Low Profile
  • Soft mounts for stack and inserted nuts
  • Top Battery mount
  • Light weight
  • Ultra durable
  • 3K Twill mate carbon fiber top quality
  • Two optional frame mount
  • Minimal hardware and parts
  • Easy Grip Standoffs
  • Support for RX, VTX and XT60
  • Weight: 115g with all hardware without titanium screw


  • 1x Top Plate 2mm
  • 1x Top or bottom arms plate 2mm800
  • 4x Arms 4mm
  • 1x Main Plate with inserted nuts installed 2mm
  • 1x Bottom plate 2mm
  • 2x Camera mounts 2mm
  • 1x RX, VTX mount 2mm
  • 1x XT60 mount 2mm
  • 12x 10mm Steel Button Head Screws
  • 12x 12mm Steel Button Head Screws
  • 8x 25mm Aluminium Black Standoffs
  • 1x Battery none slip neoprene foam

Recommended components

  • Motors:
  • 4S/5S - EMAX LS2207 2400kv, RSII 2306 2400kv, T-Motor F40 Pro II 2400kv
  • 6S - EMAX LS2206 1700kv, RSII 2306 1700kv, T-Motor F40 Pro II 1600kv
  • FCs:
  • Hobbywing XRotor Micro OMNIBUS F4 G2
  • FlightOne RevoltOSD
  • ESC's:
  • Hobbywing XRotor Micro 45A 4 In 1 Blheli_32
  • FlightOne Bolt32
  • VTX: TBS Unify Pro 5G8 V3
  • Cameras: Runcam Eagle 2, RunCam Swift V2
  • Antennas: TBS Triumph, Emax Pagoda 3B

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