Antimatter Photon H

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Antimatter Photon H

Hi guys! We present the new frame that we developed to rip the tracks! The frame has been tested by our team pilot Fenix FPV, who defined the last details.

The frame had to fulfill some key points. To be as light as possible while uncompromising strength, independent arms with only one bolt per arm, built-in softmounts and compatible with 30x30 and 20x20 stacks.

To reduce the weight we choose to reduce the hardware to the minimum possible, so the frame has only nine screws in total and independent arms. To achieve this we designed a new arm-puzzle concept. It consists of inserting a piece between the front and rear arms as a puzzle that acts as a lock between them, in addition to increasing stiffness, it also increases the resistance of the chassis due to the distribution of stresses on impacts, achieving a very high strength / weight ratio.

Regarding the geometry we opted for a stretched configuration and a size of 220mm that allows to swing props of up to 5.5 ”, increases the stability in flight, facilitates to adjust the apex in the gates and improves curve handling.

The stack in both 20x20mm and 30x30mm flavours is mounted on grommet-type sofmounts ensuring a simple configuration of FC filters. It is also isolated from the rest of the frame, minimizing the possible vibrations that may come through the screws from the motors.

It includes a laser cut foam battery pad and we have several optional 3D accessories for the frame. You can either buy them in the store or download and print them yourself from our Antimatter account in Thingiverse Antimatter account in Thingiverse..

To sum-up, a frame ready to burn the tracks to the highest level, we hope that you like it as much as we do!

Photon H


  • Weight 70gr
  • Geometry 220mm Streched
  • Props 5 - 5,5”
  • Stack montado en softmounts 20x20mm y 30x30mm
  • Inserts nuts
  • Arm 9,5mm width, 5mm thickness
  • Ultra resistant
  • 3K Twill matte carbon fiber top quality
  • For 16x16mm motors
  • Optimized for micro size cams
  • Foam laser cut battery
  • Various accessories


  • 1x Top plate 2mm
  • 1x Main plate with inserted nuts 2mm
  • 4x Arms 5mm
  • 1x Lock arms 5mm
  • 1x Bottom plate 2mm
  • 4x Steel screws 8mm
  • 1x Steel screws 10mm
  • 4x Steel screws 16mm
  • 4x Aluminum standoffs textured 28mm
  • x4 Softmounts
  • 1x Neoprene foam battery
  • TPU 3D printed cam supports
  • 3D printed accessories (version with accessories)


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