About us

¿Que es Antimatter Frames?

Antimatter Frames is a small garage company with small resources but with great ideas and with the intention of doing things as well as possible. Antimatter was born bringing together the knowledge of two strangers who eventually became great friends and together they worked hard to give birth to this project.

It has not been easy, we were clear about how we wanted to do things, in order to achieve it we have been encountering several obstacles that with effort and illusion we have overcomed… dawn of ideas and solutions, hundreds of hours behind the monitor, thousands of whatsapp mesagges, hundreds of lipos, some rescues and laughs... everything to get to this and the truth is that we are stoked with the result in all aspects.

We hope you like the store, support us and enjoy our products as we do. Greetings and burn the sky!


My name is Andrés, aka AndriuP6, I study electronic engineering and since the age of twelve I've been flying radio control things, first with 3D helicopters, until I discovered the world of drones, which I embraced without hesitation.

I participated in the Dubai world drone prix, reaching the semifinal after many difficulties, that taught me a lot. I also participated in the drone nationals of NY, getting the second position in teams. Since then, freestyle has been my favorite modality, leaving racing aside to find my own style

Kuerva grX

Hello, my name is Antonio, Kuerva grX in the FPV world, I'm graphic and web designer of official profession, I'm also a RPAS Operator at www.dronesmartway.com.

I have been flying drones for just over 2 years, although I have always been passionate about everything that runs or flies. When I was little I used to make my own toys and models before I passed the Tente, Lego and Mecano. When I went to ride my second drone, none of the chassis I saw looked aesthetically pleasing or convincing, so I designed it myself and called it grX Style, 1 year later Andres and I started designing what is now the Antimatter Quark.